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A Phenomenal U is a consulting firm that specializes in the Public Relations, Marketing, Design, Development and delivery of leadership development strategies, assessment programs and coaching. California, based we have an extensive network of highly-skilled rofessionals around the world, which enables us to promote best practices in leadership development programs and services.

Our team of expertise specializes in one thing. Taking You to the Next Level. We all know that everyone has the potential to go there, and A Phenomenal U will deliver those results.

A Phenomenal U has over 30 years of professional development, sales, training, coaching, marketing expertise.

Since establishin A Phenomenal U in 1995, we have successfully worked with a number of organizations and industries.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.

Our personal clients are people just like you, realizing that they are ready to take their career, business, and life tothe next level.

The one thing that corporations and people that work them or them have in common, they all want to go to the next level of their greatness and productivity.

Our business philosophy is to work on a few, targeted significant interventions in any given year so a client never has to compete for resources. We work closely with our clients to assess their challenges and opportunites, and design leadership development interventions to address strategic busness issues. Each client's needs are identified and customized approaches are designed to resolve business issues and achieve their goals. Although each client's needs are unique, we design each project with a consistent approach. Our collaborative process includes:

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